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Dynasty Restoration: The Solution for Repair and Restoration of Yacht Interiors and Furniture

Nothing devalues your yacht like the appearance of scratches, dents and chips in your yacht wood interior. These visual damages can be repaired and future damages can be prevented with professional restoration and maintenance by the skilled artisans at Dynasty Restoration. 

We Specialize in Yacht Wood Repair
Yacht wood repair and restoration is our primary business at Dynasty Restoration, and we have the expertise and tools necessary to restore your yacht to its true original state. Our clients are overwhelmingly impressed by the quality of our repairs and the difference in the beauty of their yacht after their yacht interior and wood furniture have been touched up by our professionals. Browse the photo gallery to see evidence of these transformations and imagine what a repair and restoration with Dynasty Restoration could do to make your yacht interior as dazzling as ever.

Has Water Or Fire Damaged The Wood On Your Yacht Or Sailboat? Dynasty Restoration Is the Answer
Water damage and fire damage are two of the most devastating events that can happen to the wood interior of your vessel. The good news is that your yacht interior CAN be restored! The furniture and wood touch-up masters at Dynasty Restoration possess the knowledge and skills to repair your yacht interior and yacht furniture damaged by water or fire. With our skilled team working diligently on your yacht to restore its exotic veneers and wood furniture, the interior of your yacht can be recovered and returned to the pinnacle of luxury and splendor it was before. 


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