Faux Finishes & Wood Graining

Adding the Finishing Touches, Dynasty Restoration Creates Custom Wood Graining & Yacht Faux Finishes
Do you have a vision for the design and style of the interior of your yacht? Perhaps you only have a general idea of how you would like the interior of your yacht to feel, but you know you want your yacht to exemplify your style and taste. At Dynasty Restoration, we understand that personalization is the paragon of luxury, and our team of artists will work with you to create a yacht interior that is a true representation of your style.

We Are A Team of Professionals Possessing The Skill To Create A Yacht Interior That Is Certain To Impress
The highly-skilled, trained artisans at Dynasty Restoration can provide you and your vessel with the most high-end and inspiring embellishments to your interior, including:

  • Yacht Faux Finishes
  • Yacht Faux Bois
  • Yacht Wood Graining
  • Yacht Murals
  • Yacht Venetian Plaster
  • Yacht Marbleizing
  • Yacht Ceiling Artwork

Yacht faux finishes and faux bois can transform the interior of your yacht from off-the-shelf to one-of-a-kind. Skillful yacht wood graining applied to metal or engine room doors results in warm, rich finishes for your yacht interior. Yacht Venetian plaster requires the trained hand of a practiced artist to be applied properly, and yacht murals provide true windows of opportunities to tell your yacht's story through a unique work of art.

With our diverse faux techniques, there is no end to the possibilities of customization and design. The capable master artists at Dynasty Restoration can help you design a custom yacht interior like no other. They will take your vision and turn it into a maritime reality.

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