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Yacht Gold & Silver Leaf for Furniture, Walls & Accents: How to Achieve Extravagant Beauty Aboard Your Luxury Yacht
The ancient art of gold leafing has not changed much since Egyptian times. The goal of ancient artisans was to beautify statues, pictures and royal tombs. Gold and silver gilding as an art form has remained a mark of extravagance for hundreds of years and is some of the most beautiful and ornate decoration for yacht interior. Gilding is a difficult and challenging art form to master. It requires the knowledge of centuries-old hand gilding techniques, combined with the innovations of modern tools and materials for applying gold and silver leaf to various surfaces. This art form can be especially trying in the humid climate aboard marine vessels and should be handled by experienced professionals. 

Turn To The Artists At Dynasty Restoration To Achieve Your Gold And Silver Leaf Gilding Design Dreams
For the artists at Dynasty Restoration, gold & silver leaf accents on frames, pictures, statues, furniture, walls or ceilings are all within the realm of possibility. We can adorn your yacht or other luxury marine vessel with gold or silver leaf gilt décor. Add majesty and glamor to your yacht or sailboat with the elegance of gold and silver leaf accents. 

Provide Your Guests with A Sight of Splendor Aboard Your Yacht with Gold & Silver Gilding by Dynasty Restoration
You and your guests will be overwhelmingly impressed by the overall beauty and elegance of your yacht's gold and silver leaf accents applied to furniture, frames, ceilings, walls or any object of your choice.  Browse the photo gallery to see pictures of the beautiful gold & silver leaf gilding designs Dynasty Restoration has created in the past, and imagine how dazzling the interior of your yacht or sailboat could look with a professional gold and silver leaf application done by our artisans. .

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