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Dynasty Restoration: Providing Clients with High-End Yacht Wood Finishing and Refinishing 

If you are looking for quality and professional wood finishing or refinishing for your yacht or sailboat, look no further than Dynasty Restoration. With over 25 years of experience and an extensive knowledge of techniques and marine products, the artisans and master finishers at Dynasty Restoration are more than qualified to revitalize your luxury watercraft or other woodwork

Staining and Finishing High End Wood Interiors Preserves and Highlights Natural Beauty
We specialize in yacht wood staining and finishing, and yacht furniture repair and finishing. Accentuate the high-end wood on your yacht with our wide range of staining options. Or, rejuvenate the wood aboard your vessel with the yacht wood buff and polish services provided by our professionals. Disappointed by the finishing job some other company has done? Dynasty Restoration will find the solution to repair any bad finish, including milky and cloudy finish, crazed finish, delaminated or discolored finish, in order to make your yacht’s interior gleam. A quality finish can truly highlight the integrity and beauty of your yacht wood furniture and interior. Even more importantly, a good quality finish will protect your yacht wood articles for years to come.

Damages caused by wear and tear as well as sun or natural aging can be removed and repaired to preserve seamless beauty. With our expertise, the options are numerous as to what can be done to revitalize the high-end wood interiors of your yacht or other luxury boats.

Dynasty Restoration: A Leader in Marine Wood Repair And Refinishing For Yachts & Luxury Vessels
By placing the care of this valuable service in the capable hands of the master artists and expert finishers at Dynasty Restoration, you can rest assured you are trusting a Gold Star rated company built on an unwavering dedication to quality, and a passion for the beautification of luxury maritime vessels. Don’t trust the treatment of the exotic and high-end wood aboard your yacht to just anyone. The artisans at Dynasty Restoration have the experience and knowledge to treat your maritime haven with the highest quality of care that your yacht deserves.


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