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Dynasty Restoration: Experts in The Art of Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration of Antiques 

The conservation and preservation of antiques is an important responsibility. While restoration can return a piece to near perfection, a well-preserved antique is incomparable in quality and a rare and exceptional piece. If you're not sure how best to handle your antiques, let the professionals at Dynasty Restoration assist you through the process.

We Are Experts in The Conservation & Preservation of Antiques
Preserving antiques is an art form in itself, and the Dynasty Restoration team is dedicated to antique conservation efforts. Conservation moves to preserve the value of the antiques without removing the original materials. We do this by limiting natural causes for deterioration and corrosion. The cleaning of antiques is an important part of maintaining the item’s integrity, and should be handled by true professionals, like the practiced artists at Dynasty Restoration.

Restoration and Repair of Antiques: A Commitment To Quality And A Passion For Care
The restoration and repair of antiques is a passion for the artists at Dynasty Restoration. Recognizing and respecting the craftsmanship of past artisans, we work diligently to restore these antiques to their original splendor. Professional restoration and repair require extensive knowledge of specialized techniques and materials spanning decades or even centuries. If you’re in need of cruise/sailing antiques repair, or fine art, sculpture or frames restoration, Dynasty Restoration has the knowledge base, skill, and tools required to repair and restore while adhering to museum quality standards.

Commission Dynasty Restoration for preservation and conservation of your antiques. You can trust that they will be handled with the highest level of skill and expertise, and most importantly, personal care.


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